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Chris Gauthier in Birmingham -- and Sanctuary!
by Ian Mullen  |  Saturday, October 24, 2009 - 11:04 CT  |  Actor News

Chris Gauthier, who plays Vincent on Eureka, will be appearing in Birmingham, England at the Memorabilia convention on the 21st and 22nd of November 2009. Tickets are now on sale at and will be available on the doors until 11am.

Also, Chris will be appearing in next week's episode of Sanctuary! The hit Syfy show fronted by Stargate's Amanda Tapping airs Fridays at 10/9c, following new episodes of Stargate Universe.

Jordan Hinson on ABC's Hank!
by Ian Mullen  |  Monday, August 17, 2009 - 23:04 CT  |  Actor News has recently received information informing us that Eureka's Jordan Hinson has been cast as Maddie Pryor, Kelsey Grammer's daughter, in the upcoming ABC comedy series 'Hank'. Kelsey Grammer, as many of you will know, gained fame as the title character in much loved 'Cheers' spin-off 'Fraiser' in the 90s. We have been told that the role is regular.

We have also been informed that Jaime Ray Newman, who recently popped up on 'Eureka' as Tess Fontana, has booked a regular position on another upcoming ABC series: 'Eastwick'. More information on both snippets of news will be posted as and when it becomes available. Discuss this over at our forums!

Season 3.5 premieres October 1 in Canada
by Ian Mullen  |  Wednesday, July 29, 2009 - 22:04 CT  |  Air Dates

Special thanks to Dawn, @opticheart, who let us know today that Space in Canada is advertising the premiere of Season 3.5 of Eureka for October 1 via our Twitter account - @VisitEureka.

Currently, Space haven't released a time of night for the broadcast, however we expect it will remain as 10pm ET / 7pm PT. We will let you know if it is anything but 10pm ET / 7pm PT! New episodes are currently airing Fridays at 9/8c on Syfy and SyfyHD in the United States and Tuesdays at 9PM on Sky1 and Sky1HD in the United Kingdom.

Exclusive Preview of Jaime Paglia Sci Fi Guys Interview
by Ian Mullen  |  Monday, July 27, 2009 - 19:18 CT  |  Miscellaneous

Each Wednesday night at 8PM GMT / 3PM ET / NOON PT, The Sci Fi Guys web radio show is broadcast live at The show features an interview with a celebrity each week, and has included interviews with various Eureka cast members including Jordan Hinson, Ed Quinn, Neil Grayston, Erica Cerra, Colin Ferguson and Chris Gauthier.

This coming Wednesday, July 29 2009, Eureka co-creator and Executive Producer Jaime Paglia will be the featured interviewee, and we have an exclusive preview clip of his interview right here for you at! Read on the find the clip...

BREAKING NEWS: Eureka Season 4 Greenlit!
by Ian Mullen  |  Saturday, July 25, 2009 - 01:02 CT  |  Miscellaneous

Syfy, the channel in the United States that broadcasts Eureka, has announced at Comic Con in San Diego tonight that Eureka has officially been renewed for a fourth season. @vagueonthehow informed us via our Twitter account that the pick-up is for TWENTY-TWO -- 22 episodes, following @Syfy's official tweet regarding the pick-up.

This is currently the only information we have available to release. We fully expect Syfy to release an official press release in the coming days officially announcing the renewal -- a press release we will post for you here at We'll also try and do some digging for any additional information they may leave out of that release! Stick with, and congratulations to cast and crew of Eureka!

Ratings Up for "Your Face or Mine?"
by Ian Mullen  |  Thursday, July 23, 2009 - 17:29 CT  |  TV Ratings

Seems more fans are realizing Eureka is back on the air. The second episode of the new run of episodes -- titled "Your Face or Mine?", written by Jaime Paglia and directed by Colin Ferguson (Jack Carter) -- scored a fantastic 2.02 household rating, up from a 1.86 the previous week ("Welcome Back Carter").

The 2.02 household rating, which is the number we post here on's episode guide, translates at about 2.7million viewers, up from the 2.6million scored by "Welcome Back Carter". Very pleasing numbers for cast, crew and, most importantly, Syfy. New episodes continue every Friday at 9/8c only on Syfy and SyfyHD in the United States, and every Tuesday at 9PM on Sky1 and Sky1HD in the United Kingdom.

Welcome Back Carter - Exclusive Content
by Ian Mullen  |  Tuesday, July 14, 2009 - 20:45 CT  |  Site News

Looking for high-res screencaps? Want to know what everyone said in the episode? Want to know who played who? Or maybe you haven't seen the episode and want a brief description to prepare yourself? is pleased to bring you the solution to all of the above problems, plus more.

We now have online our exclusive high-res screencaps, exclusive full transcript written by Managing Editor Ian Mullen, a cast list telling you who is who and also our own rating of the episode and the Syfy Household Rating figure for Friday night's episode. For more info, read on...
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03x18 - What Goes Around Comes Around
Aired: September 19, 2009
We'll be rating it soon!










301 - Bad to the Drone
Written by Robin Nason

You know, I understand why they have to show scenes from previous episodes. What with the way each episode builds on another, it only makes sense. But I have to confess that being a vigilant Eureka fan, I wish they could can those. Now to the premiere episode!

Jack is openly having angst about his little girl growing up. Waitressing at Café Diem is a big step in his opinion, and he doesn't hesitate to hash this out with Zoe. He contends that the Café isn't safe. The ...     READ MORE
109 - Primal
Written by Robin Nason

Jack and Jo are walking through Global Dynamics with an injured LoJack. Jo is carrying the dog and they assure the dog that he is going to be fixed up. Apparently his tendency to run in front of cars has finally caused him to get hurt.

Dr. Stark is in his office with Fargo. Fargo has created the "Mental Mouse," a device that transmits thoughts directly to the computer. Its only evidence is a small glowing button behind Stark's ear. Stark comments that it looks like a melanoma. S...     READ MORE
309 - Welcome Back Carter
Written by Ian Mullen




[We see an aerial shot of the Los Angeles office of the Department of Homeland Security]

DHS MAN: This is a very impressive resume, Mr Carter.


[Carter is in a job interview]

DHS MAN C'TND: You've had a long career in law enforcement.

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